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PilotTrainingReviews.com provides a comprehensive online directory for student pilots to find the best services for their goals, time, and budget. We’re so passionate about helping the aviation training community that we can’t let you miss out on any opportunity to improve your business. We will set up your listing totally free – no strings attached. Yes, seriously.

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We setup and optimize profiles all the time and know exactly where most people make mistakes in their business listing on PilotTrainingReviews.com.

Honestly, it doesn’t take us long and makes a huge difference in helping students find your business.

Sometimes people also want us to continue helping them with additional services like featured listings, advertising, additional images and videos on their profile, and even digital marketing services, but that’s entirely up to you, no commitment.

It’s just something we do because it helps you, a fellow small business owner.

Pilot training service searches are booming

“Flight school near me” searches have increased 45% for flight schools. Here are some other stats you should know.

  • Queries for specific locations, such as “flight training in Florida,” up by 20%
  • “Online flight school” searches have grown by 50%.
  • Searches for “flight school scholarships” increased by 35%.
  • “Affordable pilot training” searches up by 30%.

PilotTrainingReviews.com will help you get a bigger piece of this pie.

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Student pilot flies a single engine overhead during training flight
Student pilots have a bright future ahead as airline pilots.

How It Works

PilotTrainingReviews.com is the single most comprehensive online directory for pilot training services. We bring together flight and ground schools, instructors, and doctors in one place, making it easy for students to find them.

Students leave comments and reviews, find mentors, and content to help them choose the best providers for their goals, time, and budget.

Schools, instructors, and doctors benefit from this community by attracting new students and grow their business. The feedback from students also gives them a chance to make their services even better.

Bottom line: Listing your business will extend your reach with a 1) free listing, 2) attracts stronger leads, and 3) automates your business. Free.

1) Free Listing

We put your business in front of people who are actively searching for training services like yours right now.

We optimize and manage your FREE Listing so your business has all the details students want to know before they set up an appointment with you.

We allow you to add pictures and videos, details about your training packages, fleet, school owners, and a contact form. All for free. 

A student pilot sits with their flight instructor in the cockpit of an airplane.
Despite conversations about AI and fully automated flights, pilots still have many options and a bright future ahead as they plan their careers.

2) Stronger Leads

How many discovery flights turn in to long-term training relationships? 

We bring you stronger leads by driving students to register and working with you to provide more information upfront. Only registered users can see these additional details about your service, making them more informed when they contact you.

This saves you time so you can get back to your business and helping students

3) Automate Your Business

We spend our time and resources on marketing. PilotTrainingReviews.com is constantly working to provide the best experience for student pilots to find training providers and services. 

We attract students, drive them to your listing, and they research you there. When they’re ready to reach out they fill out a contact form that is sent straight to you. We also offer additional services to make your life even easier such as online bookings, featured listings, and enhanced profiles.

Student pilots can study and train to be an airline pilot with a successful career outlook for many years to come.

Stronger Leads.

Our leading online platform for student pilots will help you find students who are more informed and more ready to commit.

We continually monitor our partner’s performance to make sure we optimize the sales funnel so that we’re another channel in your marketing strategy. We’ll reach out to you proactively when we find opportunities to improve your listing or new services that could improve your business.

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About Us

My name is Shane Jordan, and I founded PilotTrainingReviews.com specifically to help student pilots find the right training and resources for them.

I started my pilot journey in December 2022. I found the process confusing without someone who was in the industry. I have taken that experience and my 20 years in digital marketing to build this new platform.

We are building the leading aviation education resource in the industry. Our goal is to provide transparency and knowledge sharing by creating the first comprehensive online directory for student pilots. We are dedicated to finding and helping student pilots make the right choice for their situation before they waste time and money on the wrong choice. Join us!

Who is this for?

We work with aviation training providers and services who are able to support transparency, responsiveness, and integrity.

Our service providers have the following traits:

  1. Transparency – You are willing to share the same information you share with potential students, including your training packages, fleet, and experience.
  2. Responsiveness – You must respond promptly to the students we send you.
  3. Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and expect the same from our clients.

We work with companies and individuals who provide aviation training and related services, including:

  • Flight schools
  • Ground schools
  • Flight instructors
  • Ground instructors
  • AMEs
  • FAA psychologists
  • FAA neuropsychologists
  • …and more

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  • And additional ways to get involved with our community.

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