Harold Rutila


I am a highly experienced flight and ground instructor (ATP; CFI-A; CFI-IA) serving the Metro Detroit area. I specialize in working with aircraft owners; partners; and flying clubs who require timeliness; a customized approach; and a high degree of attention to detail that most others simply cannot offer. I have worked in many types of training environments; most recently as a full-time independent CFI in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area from 2016 to 2018. Since then; I have been working as a first officer for a large regional airline at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW); while offering independent instruction during Michigan’s warm season. I am a proponent of scenario-based training and use of flight simulators to develop and refine your abilities.Qualifications:
– Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management; Purdue University (2014)
– ATP certificate; CL-65 type rating; CFI-A; CFI-IA
– 19 total sign-offs with 79% avg. first-time checkride pass rate
– Former Cessna 150 aircraft owner/operator
– E

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