Dan Tindall

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Sumter Aviation Owner-Partner; Flight Instructor; Air Traffic ControllerRatings and Certificates: Single Engine Land; Multi-Engine Land; Instrument Airplane; Commercial Pilot. Flight Instructor – Single Engine Land.Type Ratings: CE-750; CE-680; CE-560XL; CE-500; IA-1125 (all SIC Only)
Remote Pilot (Part 107)
Education: BA-Aeronautics; MA-Religion from Liberty University.

Dan has been employed by the USAF (active duty and civilian) for over 30 years as an active air traffic controller. He has helped oversee airfield and ATC operations since 2014 and was the air traffic control automation manager from 2001-2014.

He has served as the assistant air show director for Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina since 2008.

In addition to the aviation experiences; Dan is an ordained Baptist Minister and has a focus on mission trips to Central America.

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