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How to Find an AME or HIMS AME

Aspiring pilots understand the importance of flight training and obtaining the necessary certification to become licensed pilots, but often overlook the importance of obtaining a medical certification as well. A medical certificate is required for all pilots, regardless of their level of training, experience, or whether they fly for fun or profit. In this article, we will discuss why potential aviation students need a medical certificate and provide a checklist of how to find a quality AME or HIMS AME in the United States.

Why Do Potential Aviation Students Need a Medical Certificate?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all pilots to obtain a medical certificate before they are allowed to fly. The certificate is essential because pilots need to be medically fit to ensure the safety of themselves, the passengers, and anyone on the ground. The certificate is also essential because it helps to ensure pilots can maintain the high level of physical and mental demands of their job.

There are three classes of medical certification that pilots can obtain – first, second, and third class. The class of certification required depends on the type of flying the pilot will be doing. A first-class certificate is required for airline transport pilots, while a second or third-class certificate is sufficient for most other types of flying.

The medical certificate is valid for a specific amount of time, depending on the pilot’s age and certificate type. First-class certificates must be renewed every six months to one year, depending on the pilot’s age, while second and third-class certificates are valid for two to five years.

Checklist for Finding a Quality AME or HIMS AME in the United States

Finding the right medical examiner to perform your aviation medical exam is just as crucial as finding the right flight instructor. Here is a checklist to help you find a quality AME or a HIMS AME in the United States.

  1. Check If the Medical Examiner Is an AME or a HIMS AME
    An AME is an Aviation Medical Examiner certified by the FAA to conduct aviation medical exams and issue medical certificates. A HIMS AME works with pilots who have had substance-abuse problems and will help them return safely to flying.
  1. Look for Experience and Reputation
    The experience and reputation of an AME or HIMS AME are critical. You want to find a medical examiner who is knowledgeable and experienced in FAA regulations and pilot health requirements. Talk to aviation students and pilots who have had a medical certificate and find out what their experience was like.
  1. Ask About Certification
    Make sure that the medical examiner is certified by the FAA to perform medical exams. Check the FAA’s website for an up-to-date list of certified AMEs and HIMS AMEs.
  1. Check Cost
    The cost of a medical exam can vary from one examiner to another. Remember that cost doesn’t necessarily reflect quality, so consider the other factors on this list before choosing an AME or HIMS AME based on cost.
  1. Location
    Find an AME or HIMS AME in your area so that you can visit them easily. Make sure that they are close to any airport or flight school that you will be attending.
  1. Language
    Make sure that the AME or HIMS AME speaks your language so that you can clearly communicate your medical history and current health status.
  1. Reviews
    Do some research online to see if there are any reviews or comments regarding the AME or HIMS AME you are interested in visiting. Keep in mind that reviews can be subjective, but reading through them can give you an idea of the medical examiner’s general reputation.
  1. Personality
    Personality is an important factor in choosing a medical examiner. A friendly and understanding examiner can make the medical exam process much more comfortable. Pick an AME or HIMS AME you will feel comfortable with.

In conclusion, obtaining a medical certificate is an essential requirement for obtaining a pilot’s license, and finding a quality AME or HIMS AME is just as crucial as finding the right flight instructor. By following this checklist, potential aviation students can rest assured that they will be receiving the best possible medical treatment. Remember that investing in your health is an investment in your future aviation career.

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